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Healthy Roots

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AgBioChem, Inc., provides the most effective crown gall control products available.

The Problem

Crown gall is a plant “cancer” responsible for significant commercial losses in almond, walnut, pecan, cherry, plum, prune, peach, nectarine, apricot, apple, pear, grape, caneberry, blueberry, ornamentals (e.g., rose, euonymus, willow, poplar, etc.), and other plants.  Infected plants develop expanding tumors (galls) that damage roots and trunks, resulting in weakened, less-productive plants – and sometimes plant death.

In almond trees, galls provide entry points for wood decay fungi that cause trees to “blow down” (topple) during high winds.

The crown gall pathogen is present in almost all soils and infects plants via fresh wounds created during propagation, nursery digging, pre-plant handling, transplantation, and in-field mechanical injury (e.g., grafting, pruning, cultivation).

Disease Cycle


The Solution

Growers have only ONE chance to prevent crown gall disease, and that is WTHIN 12 HOURS OF WOUNDING and BEFORE trees, vines, and plants are planted.

Like all cancers – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Each plate of GALLTROL-A contains 120 BILLION freshly-grown, active bacterial cells that colonize wounds and block infection.

Galltroll-A® prevents crown gall disease!
Gallex® eradicates existing galls!

For Professional Use Only